Build a Foundation with

  • seasoned entrepreneurs,
  • expert mentors, consultants, and industry specialists,
  • experienced business angels and investors, and
  • expert service providers.

We have assembled a strong network of Mentors, industry specialists, angel investors, and service
providers in the fields of marketing, finance, IT, legal, sales, supply chain, and accounting, and invite the participation of mature founders seeking to collaborate within the network to build successful ventures. Expert+ is a new type of startup accelerator that helps accelerate your business by providing access to experts to help answer key questions.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • What are the best ways to find out real customer needs? Help find target markets?
  • What are the tools for digital marketing for your business?
  • Risks are unknown, who can help me understand and manage legal, regulatory, other risks?
  • I am going to need funding and need help in understanding how to negotiate with investors.
  • Best advice on pitch techniques for varied audiences: customers, suppliers, partners, and
  • What are the basic financial statements required for reporting and financial management?
  • Who can introduce me to potential partners to explore alliances and collaboration?

The founder of Expert+ is an experienced entrepreneur and an educator at the London School of
Economics in entrepreneurship and is an active Mentor in startup accelerators in London, Europe, and Silicon Valley. Dr. Linda Hickman’s background in high technology has a focus on software technology including Oracle databases and AI that led to her role in managing the successful launch of a spin-off software company at Royal Dutch Shell. She is a Stanford University alumna and began consulting with startups in the 1980s in Palo Alto, California. In 1988 she moved to London which has been her base for a consulting career in over 38 countries in 15 industries.

Since 2002, her consultancy business of Hickman & Associates provides strategies and development assistance for startups and corporate innovation across an international spectrum.

The idea of a new type of startup accelerator emerged during sessions with a mature founder who
was successful but often frustrated in the time to obtain answers to questions about his startup
venture – a hand-held printer device. The idea led to a practical design workshop to define what
accelerator solutions would answer the unmet needs of our profile participant: Expert+ is an
accelerator for professionals with 15+ years of experience who want to create a startup guided by
expert mentors, specialists in support services, high-quality peers and investors.