Just-In-Time – JIT!

It couldn’t have happened at a more critical time – as we all face the uncertainties of the current business environment due to the COVID 19 shutdowns  –  our scheduled speaker, Jayne Reddyhoff, who was booked in advance for our upcoming Expert+ Workshop on 22 April is available to present ONLINE!

Wednesday 22 April 2020 from 6-8 pm Expert+ invites you to a free online Zoom workshop

We hope that you are safe and well and keen to share your current plans with us in a free online professional  Zoom meeting that Expert+ is hosting.    Recently I was speaking with Jayne who is the  Managing Director of Zanzi Digital,  and she has many inspiring stories of her current clients exploring innovative ways to increase their business online.  Building a stronger online presence, a continuing the topic from our February workshop,  is especially important for every business at this critical time of the lockdown and the effects of the pandemic.  You may be thinking about new ways to reach customers and how to innovate through your website.

Jayne’s presentation in our round table discussion will focus on finding the triggers for your customers’ buying and how the triggers are built on your website.  She has offered to provide website feedback for individual participants – if you provide a website link in advance.   It will also be a good time to get an expert opinion on the overall effectiveness of your website.  Zanzi Digital specializes in digital marketing with the stated aim:  ‘we make your website easy to find, easy to use and easy to measure’.  Join us on Zoom on the 22nd of April to learn more.

Sign up to participate in the free online workshop at the Eventbrite URL below:


Just-In-Time – JIT!