Scaling UP - Design for Growth

Scaling UP – Design for Growth

expert+ workshop | 30 July 2020  Zoom Online | 5:30-7:30 pm BST (London)

Scaling UP – Design for Growth

It’s never too early to consider how your venture will scale up.  Join us at the next expert + workshop to stimulate action in Scaling UP – Design for Growth. The workshop starts at 5:30 pm (London) online on Thursday, 30 July.

You are invited to an open roundtable Q&A workshop led by experienced founders. The technical expertise of the panelists helped them to scale UP  for  ‘Crossing the Chasm,’ as Geoffrey Moore describes the time when early adopters no longer are sufficient in number to fuel growth.  If you design for growth from the beginning, then the growth you achieve will also have well-managed systems and operations ready to keep pace and provide successful delivery to your customers.

The workshop addresses challenges such as: How can you design for the future? What are the technical precautions needed so that rapid growth will not make systems fall over or be slow to respond? How can an online platform expand rapidly without spending a large budget on marketing? Share your questions and ideas at the roundtable discussion.

Join us if you are a Founder, Mentor, Investor, CTO, industry expert.

Scaling UP – Design for Growth

Technology – Build for Success!

Technology – Build for Success!

25 JUNE 2020  expert+ Workshop

Zoom Online at 5:30-7:30 BST/6:30-8:30 CET

Announcing the next expert+ event:  You are invited to a free open roundtable Q&A workshop led by startup professionals experienced in working with business technologists. The workshop addresses technology questions that are critical and influence strategic direction which Startup Founders must resolve quickly to progress to a successful launch.

How do you translate business goals and ideas into technical requirements that can be developed rapidly and exceed your own and your customers’ expectations?  How can you locate a skilled CTO or technology developer?  How much technology is required for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) launch?

Linked closely to obtaining the right talent for your team — How to express the technical requirements for your project in clear communications that can lead the developer to design and produce the best solution?  Myriads of other detailed questions. Share your experience, questions, and ideas as we de-mystify technology in a startup.

Who should attend?   CTO’s, Founders, Mentors, Investors, IT industry experts.

Free ticket at

Technology – Build for Success!

Funding Startups: Angel Investors

Funding Startups: Angel Investors – What are they listening for in your pitch?

INVITATION:  Expert+ Zoom workshop on Thursday, 21 May 5:30 -7:30pm (BST) 6:30-8:30 (CET)  

Funding Startups:  Angel Investors – What are they listening for in your pitch?

We had excellent feedback from the recent April online expert+ workshop.  Our next free expert+  Zoom workshop scheduled for 21 May,   features a panel of angel investors presenting their perspective on the investing criteria, due diligence, and critical factors influencing angel investment decisions for social enterprises and for-profit businesses.  

 At all times, not only at the time of a funding round, every startup needs a ready answer for the important question:  what is my value proposition for investors? 

During the initial development phase of a startup, funding generally comes from Founders, Friends, Family, and Angel Investors.  Research shows that startup teams create pitches with a different perspective regarding funding information than what Angel Investors are seeking to learn about the financial potential of the startup.   That is a costly mismatch in expectations at pitch sessions and discussions, resulting in lost opportunities. The social enterprise sector can sometimes seem even more unpredictable to understand the financial and social impact potential to external investors.  

We have a distinguished panel to address these issues:  Stephen Rockman, founder of Merism Capital and co-founder of a social enterprise Hub, Mike Doherty, leads Angel Trainings in partnership with European Accelerators, and Matthew Stafford, is a co-founder of DotMatrixGroup, an angel investment fund.  An open round table discussion follows their presentations. Join us on Zoom!

Who should attend:  Startup Founders,  Mentors, Angel Investors,  Partners seeking collaboration with startup ventures, Financial service advisors.

Sign up to participate in the free online workshop at the Eventbrite URL below:

Build a strong online presence

Just-In-Time – JIT!

It couldn’t have happened at a more critical time – as we all face the uncertainties of the current business environment due to the COVID 19 shutdowns  –  our scheduled speaker, Jayne Reddyhoff, who was booked in advance for our upcoming Expert+ Workshop on 22 April is available to present ONLINE!

Wednesday 22 April 2020 from 6-8 pm Expert+ invites you to a free online Zoom workshop

We hope that you are safe and well and keen to share your current plans with us in a free online professional  Zoom meeting that Expert+ is hosting.    Recently I was speaking with Jayne who is the  Managing Director of Zanzi Digital,  and she has many inspiring stories of her current clients exploring innovative ways to increase their business online.  Building a stronger online presence, a continuing the topic from our February workshop,  is especially important for every business at this critical time of the lockdown and the effects of the pandemic.  You may be thinking about new ways to reach customers and how to innovate through your website.

Jayne’s presentation in our round table discussion will focus on finding the triggers for your customers’ buying and how the triggers are built on your website.  She has offered to provide website feedback for individual participants – if you provide a website link in advance.   It will also be a good time to get an expert opinion on the overall effectiveness of your website.  Zanzi Digital specializes in digital marketing with the stated aim:  ‘we make your website easy to find, easy to use and easy to measure’.  Join us on Zoom on the 22nd of April to learn more.

Sign up to participate in the free online workshop at the Eventbrite URL below:

Just-In-Time – JIT!

Build a Strong Online Presence

expert + workshop

Toby Walsh and Lisa Cirenza speakers,  Expert+ workshop,  Marketing Communications, and PR. [19 February 2020 Westminster, London. ]

Continuing the theme of ‘working with partners to accelerate your startup market launch’ in the Expert+ 2020 Workshop series,  the Founder of TWPR, Toby Walsh introduced participants to guidelines for targeting media that your potential customers use,  social media messaging and the type of communications that are successful strategies for PR and digital marketing.

Key advice:  Know Your Customer very well  – What do they read?  What social media do they use?  Toby recommends keeping a communications diary/calendar – what are the 3-4 key media to update regularly?  He urges a good mix of media  including press releases that tell stories to capture new customers and awareness of your startup.

Lisa Cirenza, an Artpreneur, showed inspiring examples of her own progress in taking her art practice from a startup idea into a full launch in the art market where she participates in gallery shows, workshops, speaking engagements, and annual art world events. She shared her creative process of using online tools to build a strong online presence   Her market is growing with current buyers displaying her original artworks in private and corporate collections in the UK, USA, Canada, China, France, Japan & Sweden.  Get to know Lisa Cirenza online.    Instagram: Art.LC  Twitter: @ArtCirenza
Facebook: Lisa Cirenza Fine Art       LinkedIn: Lisa Cirenza

Expert+ workshop panel

How to Find and Work with Partner Organisations

The Expert+  Workshop on ‘How Startups can Leapfrog into the Market with Partners’ was held on 26 November in London.  Matthew Stafford, the founder of 9 Others and co-founder of Dot Matrix Group, led the panel and round table discussion with Alex Reynolds of L Mark currently engaged with Lloyd’s Lab at Lloyd’s of London, and solicitor Edward Kilner of HarperJames Solicitors.  The open roundtable discussion included a mentoring discussion with action proposals to meet Partner challenges presented by individual startup founders.  Linda Hickman, the founder of Expert+,  invited attendees to the next workshop scheduled in January.

How to Find and Work with Partner Organisations