NETWORKS: How to Access?


expert + workshop

29 July   Zoom online    5:30-7:30 pm BST London

How can you build, strengthen and navigate the networks in the Eco-system of your startup?  How can you access the networks of a specific industry for advice?  What role in a network do you want your startup to play?  As a founder, do you wish to play a keystone role?   Do you find it difficult to network?

Join us on Thursday, 29 July, for an inspiring open roundtable discussion of the strategic resource of networks.  Find out how to open doors that can lead to pathways creating bridges between old and new networks.  Many founders admit they had to learn techniques of networking.  The value of your network is considered social capital.  How to create it?  Our panel collectively has rich experience in building networks and building their ventures through strong networking skills.  The panellists will provide practical advice and recommendations about building on the strength of networks to provide a diversity of ideas, resources, and success for your venture.  If you are a Founder, Mentor, Investor, Industry expert, join us.  We are building a community.  

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NETWORKS: How to Access?