Funding Startups: Angel Investors – What are they listening for in your pitch?

INVITATION:  Expert+ Zoom workshop on Thursday, 21 May 5:30 -7:30pm (BST) 6:30-8:30 (CET)  

Funding Startups:  Angel Investors – What are they listening for in your pitch?

We had excellent feedback from the recent April online expert+ workshop.  Our next free expert+  Zoom workshop scheduled for 21 May,   features a panel of angel investors presenting their perspective on the investing criteria, due diligence, and critical factors influencing angel investment decisions for social enterprises and for-profit businesses.  

 At all times, not only at the time of a funding round, every startup needs a ready answer for the important question:  what is my value proposition for investors? 

During the initial development phase of a startup, funding generally comes from Founders, Friends, Family, and Angel Investors.  Research shows that startup teams create pitches with a different perspective regarding funding information than what Angel Investors are seeking to learn about the financial potential of the startup.   That is a costly mismatch in expectations at pitch sessions and discussions, resulting in lost opportunities. The social enterprise sector can sometimes seem even more unpredictable to understand the financial and social impact potential to external investors.  

We have a distinguished panel to address these issues:  Stephen Rockman, founder of Merism Capital and co-founder of a social enterprise Hub, Mike Doherty, leads Angel Trainings in partnership with European Accelerators, and Matthew Stafford, is a co-founder of DotMatrixGroup, an angel investment fund.  An open round table discussion follows their presentations. Join us on Zoom!

Who should attend:  Startup Founders,  Mentors, Angel Investors,  Partners seeking collaboration with startup ventures, Financial service advisors.

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