Scaling UP – Design for Growth

expert+ workshop | 30 July 2020  Zoom Online | 5:30-7:30 pm BST (London)

Scaling UP – Design for Growth

It’s never too early to consider how your venture will scale up.  Join us at the next expert + workshop to stimulate action in Scaling UP – Design for Growth. The workshop starts at 5:30 pm (London) online on Thursday, 30 July.

You are invited to an open roundtable Q&A workshop led by experienced founders. The technical expertise of the panelists helped them to scale UP  for  ‘Crossing the Chasm,’ as Geoffrey Moore describes the time when early adopters no longer are sufficient in number to fuel growth.  If you design for growth from the beginning, then the growth you achieve will also have well-managed systems and operations ready to keep pace and provide successful delivery to your customers.

The workshop addresses challenges such as: How can you design for the future? What are the technical precautions needed so that rapid growth will not make systems fall over or be slow to respond? How can an online platform expand rapidly without spending a large budget on marketing? Share your questions and ideas at the roundtable discussion.

Join us if you are a Founder, Mentor, Investor, CTO, industry expert.

Scaling UP – Design for Growth

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