CUSTOMERS Creating Strong Links  

Customers are the heart of a business – their numbers are its heartbeat.  Join us on 25 February for an open roundtable discussion led by a highly experienced panel in creating strong links to customers.

How can a startup build and strengthen its customer base? During Channels’ discussion with customers in the previous expert + workshop, interesting questions regarding customers emerged – ranging from: How do you actually get to know customers?  How do you find clients of services?  Discussion of the customer journey needs re-visiting; what is CRM in practice? Or How to prioritize and focus on the right customer segment?

The workshop on 25 February will address customer development questions that are critical to the success of the startup.  Whether your customers are B:C or B:B, social enterprise clients, consumers of products, services, or other commodities   – how can founders develop a deep understanding of their customers to create and deliver an appropriate value proposition?

Who should attend:  Startup Founders, Mentors, Angel Investors, Partners, Marketing, Design Thinking, Product Development professionals

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CUSTOMERS Creating Strong Links