AGILITY IN AN AGE OF UNCERTAINTY  –  How can your startup culture benefit from using AGILE?

You are invited to an online expert +  open roundtable on AGILE: 21 October 2020, 5:30-7:30 (GMT)

It is a truism in 2020 that uncertainty is the most certain aspect of our future.  Startups that build cultures that respond quickly and creatively to fast-moving environments will be assured of a robust foundation. AGILE frameworks and tenets are widely used in technology development and effective as a cross-functional management approach that enables pivots and organizational agility to create and deliver products and services that uniquely respond to emerging requirements of customers.  Startup founders have the power to create a collaborative culture that is prepared and equipped to thrive on change.  Such founders and teams shape their future rather than react to it.

What is AGILE?   How are professionals using it? In Marketing? HR?  IT projects?  How can YOU use it?  Why does AGILE build a collaborative culture?  How are communications between business and technology improved?   What are the key benefits of using it?   A panel of professionals certified and experienced in using AGILE will initiate the discussion followed by a roundtable Q&A session. 

Who should attend:  Startup Founders, Mentors, Angel Investors, Partners, Marketing, HR, IT, Training, and Product Development professionals. 

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