NEGOTIATION – How to get to Yes

Do you feel uncomfortable when facing a business negotiation?  Are you seeking to improve skills in non-adversarial negotiation?  Famed author William Ury succinctly calls it ‘Getting to Yes’ and ‘Getting Past No.’ That is our goal in making business agreements. 

Join us on Tuesday, 25th May, for an open roundtable discussion of the skills and techniques to enable you to prepare, conduct and conclude negotiations with the most beneficial outcomes.  Explore and refresh your ideas about the process of negotiating.  What does it mean to ‘Go to the Balcony?’ as Ury advises?  How can you reframe the issues to get closer to an agreement?

A highly skilled panel will share their advice on negotiation: Robert Marshall, has an international practice in consulting/training executives in negotiation, Pegram Harrison of Oxford, Said Business School is deeply engaged in entrepreneurship and leadership, and William Friar brings successful engagement as a Development Director in professional negotiation for donor support of highly regarded institutions. They will lead you to a new awareness of the angles and techniques of negotiation, which you will be able to query and raise other questions in the Q&A session after the panel speaks.

If you are a Founder, Mentor, Investor, Industry expert, join us.  We are building a community.

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NEGOTIATION – How to get to Yes