A perfect Pitch takes practice and an audience to test it. Explore/practice framing/reframing your pitch at an expert+ interactive workshop.

Every day you informally frame a pitch without noticing.

For startups, it is critical to have the right pitch each time for a range of potential supporters. However, having a perfect pitch takes practice and an audience to test it.

What are the key points to create a compelling ‘elevator pitch’ of a few minutes? How do you frame and reframe persuasive pitch messages for Investors, Partners, Customers, Suppliers, and other Stakeholders?

Explore and practice pitch techniques during the next expert+ workshop. Fine-tune your approach and perfect your pitch.

Join us for the expert+ workshop: The Right Pitch – Perfect Pitch 28 October at 5:30-7:30 pm (London) for a dynamic online interactive workshop.

The expert+ workshop is designed to help you create a persuasive pitch and move beyond discussing techniques to putting the ideas into action. While moving from Geoffrey Moore’s famed two-sentence pitch format to incorporating your USP, and refreshing messages with action verbs, to a unique and compelling message, you will have support. If you are a Founder, Mentor, Investor, Industry expert, join us. We are building a community.