Share expertise by bringing new founders together

  • to build strong networks,
  • share entrepreneurial experiences, and
  • find new pathways to answer “where do I start?”

You may have considerable experience and expertise in your own area – now where do you start
with a new venture idea to turn it into a successful business? It can be difficult to find advice. What
is the first step? Next steps?

Expert+ brings together mature founders who are seeking answers to their startup questions and
builds a strong network to support and advise. With the insights of mentors, specialists and high-quality peers in our network, you can leapfrog some of the steps in working towards an initial
market launch or scaling up after the launch. Avoid the mistakes that others share about their own
experiences. It may be a helpful tip or a pricing strategy that yields higher revenues.

How do we know this approach can work? After all, the failure rate of startups has stayed at a surprisingly high percentage of over 40-50% overall of failures within the first 3 years and in some business sectors and countries, the reported rate is higher. We have seen, however, that accelerators (residency-based programs with a pre-set duration) can effectively change that ratio to a much more robust figure of up to 80% duration after 3-5 years. One of the key strengths of accelerators is the creation of strong networks to share questions and the interfaces to industry
specialists as well as peer-to-peer and mentoring support. Expert + is built on the strength of network effects.

For many mature founders, family, career, and financial commitments may make it impossible to take a long leave of absence at a startup accelerator with a set-timeframe that may be located at a distance from home. Expert+ is an innovative mini-accelerator that allows you to custom tailor your participation and select the customized modules that relate to your own problems and lets you build at your own pace. Field research provided feedback that a customized pathway was a top priority for mature founders who are seeking a good work-life balance.

Share Your Expertise